License upgrade question.

License upgrade question.

Postby Hitman » Mon Mar 14, 2022 3:36 pm


I have an expired license.
EL 5 is working but I want a new license.
How to proceed in order to do it good way?
What are exactly the steps?
I want to reinstal the EL because it is broken (I accidentally deleted some files from the installation folder), this means it will remove the old expired license, right?
Do I need to download that EL version I bought at the time when I bought the license or it can be the current one?
First input the old license and then the upgrade license? How to do it? What are the exactly steps to do it?
What if I format my PC and then install a new version of Windows? What I will do then? My new upgraded license already deleted, right? So, how to keep it working?
Thank you so much!
P.S. Posted also here but it seems that Stan is not checking this forum section. Please delete if not needed but first provide an official answer.
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Re: License upgrade question.

Postby LottoHackJack » Sat Apr 09, 2022 9:44 pm

My hard drive quit, so I updated my laptop computer with another 4GB of ram (8 GB total) and a 500 GB SSD (solid state drive) with WINDOWS 10, 64-bit Operating System for faster speed and more efficient use. I then reinstalled Expert Lotto 5 with the newer 5.11 Version from the website, and emailed Stan from his website to send me my original Installation License from 2012, and he did so. But in order to make the new version work, I also had to buy an upgrade license, which I gladly purchased from his website so that I can now acquire any upgrades until March of 2023 to keep up to date. Everything appears to work now, but I can use help to understand the full functionality of all of the many Expert Lotto features :)
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