Highlighting Pairs Triples, Quads Pentads

Highlighting Pairs Triples, Quads Pentads

Postby therealpoorboy » Thu May 05, 2022 4:07 am

This is just a 'Nice to have' feature with the current software.

Currently when I am sorting pairs (for example) and using the last draw of the winning set of draw numbers in the 'What if' pull down feature they show up in yellow.
So I typically would scroll down until I match a pair, maybe I find one pair in the top 100 when it is sorted from high occurrences to low.
This works great.
But when I want to sort for quads I may have to sort down 10,000s quad to find a full or complete set of quads, - it takes a while and you have to go slow so you don't miss it.

Request A
My request is could a matching set of pairs, triple, quad or pentads appear in RED and the and incomplete pairs stay in Yellow to differentiate.
Just so it is catches your eye when you are scrolling down
This would be really nice.

Request B
Take it a step further, is there a way to 'ledger' items when the first pair appears in the sort

So for example if I have entered the last draws winning numbers in the 'What if' Field
I sort using the 'Statistical Intervals' and select pair, triples quads and pentads for analysis and then sort occurrences from high to low
Is there a way to show when the first pair appears, the second pair appears the third pair etc. appears (just the first 10 of each appears would be enough I think)

First pair at 30 lines down
Second pair at 56 lines down....

First triple at 100 lines down
Second triple at 345 lines down....

First quad at 1500 lines down
Second quad at 4500 lines down....

First pentad at 20,135 lines down
Second pentad at 30,345 lines down

Like I said it is just a nice to have feature and help me out my sorting for occurrences to group in or force winning or matching sets of pairs, triple and quads.
If anyone else uses this feature to force in pairs, triple and quads etc, would it helpful to you? or maybe you are using it a different way then me.
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Re: Highlighting Pairs Triples, Quads Pentads

Postby tdnl46w » Fri May 06, 2022 9:22 am

For request "A", there is something similar in EL to highlight number combinations that's not listed in the documentation(afaik). When you are in an analyzer window for pairs, triplets, quads or pentads, you can select the table rows needed. Then in the number coloring toolbar drop down menu choose; Pair Numbers, Triplet Numbers, Quad Numbers, or Pentad Numbers. This will highlight only those number combinations in other windows. Use the number coloring toolbar 'Lock' icon to keep the highlighting, or it will toggle off if you click in another window to scroll.

Is there a way to show when the first pair appears, the second pair appears the third pair etc. appears ...

One way to see these type of statistics,...In an analyzer window, select one table row and then hover the mouse pointer over the icon button at the top listed;-> 'Show or hide interval details for selected row' and then click on it. A new window will open below and display the intervals of that one selected row and how many times each interval repeats(etc.). You can also sort the Intervals and Repeats on the right side of this window to see which intervals repeat the most. These interval details/chart, should be similar to what you are looking for. If you need more information, let me know.
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