Need these feature for number groups!

Need these feature for number groups!

Postby Hitman » Thu Aug 03, 2023 11:58 am

What are prime numbers? They are in fact just numbers that form a group of numbers. No matter how humans call them, they are just numbers forming all together just a group of numbers. That's it.

Ok. Let's go to the reason I am writing this topic:
It is very time consuming for number groups filter to input manually each sequence of numbers (even if copy and paste it) and after that to find best limits on backtesting for each of them in order to set minimum and maximum for each of the sequences. It could be easy but for 10 or even 20 sequences (number groups) but what about when you need to input 100 or even 500 or more sequences like these? After input them you need to find best limits for each too. That's a pain!
You may say why so many sequences? Answer: if you don't know, number groups filter with these sequences eliminate most of the numbers from the full package and the more sequences you put in, the more draws from the full wheel package are eliminated. But you need to input them manually and after that to find best limits by backtesting each of them which is really painful and time consuming.

So, this is my feature request:
For number groups to be able to set ALSO (not only, the manual input is also good if you want to filter some specific numbers) the number of random sequences and the size of these sequences.
Example: you want to to fill the number groups filter with 700 unique sequences of numbers each of them having 18 random and non repeating numbers. So you input in its settings 700 and 18 and everything is done by the software.

Next, very important feature too: you click on a button and the software will backtest one by one each of the sequences and find best settings (limits) for each so you don't need to backtest each and set minimum and maximum number per draw, it will do it for you.
Come on, it is easy, it will just loop through all draws from the history of draws and find these limits.
You also be able to set what best limits mean by selecting one of the following:
1) percentage: which means that in backtesting 100% of the draws pass (even if 3 of them fail but it is still 100%);
2) draws: which means that from 3000 draws all 3000 should pass and none fail.

Please do it.

Thank you a lot in advance!
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Re: Need these feature for number groups!

Postby stan » Sun Aug 27, 2023 5:54 pm

700 unique sequences of numbers each of them having 18 random and non repeating numbers

You can't have that many sequences of 18 numbers without any repeating numbers overlap.

Btw, number groups are stored in a text file in .settings/ and it should be very easy to work out the format and create the groups in some other tool...
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