Convert 'To Ticket Index Positions...', then convert back

Convert 'To Ticket Index Positions...', then convert back

Postby tdnl46w » Tue May 16, 2023 12:33 am

The Expert Lotto feature; Tools-> Lottery-> To Ticket Index Positions..., will create a new 'Pick-N' lotto from the index numbers of a same pool lotto. For example. The winning draw 4,15,21,27,38 has a ticket index of 239,616. So when this feature is applied, the ticket numbers 4,15,21,27,38 will be converted to 2,3,9,6,1,6 in the new lotto. You can then analyze and filter these converted index numbers as a separate lotto.

However, if you want to convert the package results of the Pick-N lotto back to their original tickets, there are no features for this. The only method I found is to filter the results of the converted lotto in the original lotto by using the 'Ticket Index & Increments From File' plugin.

2,3,9,6,1,6 <- take this package result from the converted lotto...
4,15,21,27,38 <- ...and convert back to this ticket in the original lotto using the plugin.

Here are the steps to create files, install and filter the plugin;...

1. In the Pick-N lotto, analyze/filter to get the package results you want. Then save the package using the following .txt format;
- In the main menu select, Package-> Save to File...-> at the bottom of the save file window name your file "Indexes"(or other file name),...and in the 'Files of Type:' drop down menu select 'Single Number Text Files(*.txt)'. This saves the package file without any separators(spaces, comma's, etc.).

2. Using a text editor(e.g.Notepad etc.), create a .txt/.csv increments file as follows;
- Open the text editor and enter a single number of 0.(<- the plugin will read this as one line of 0 increments to be applied)
- Save the file as; "Increments"(or other file name).

3. Open the original lotto that was used to convert tickets to ticket index positions. Then download and install the 'Automation' plugin.
- In the main menu go to Tools-> Plugins-> in the plugin window click on the 'Settings' tab.
- In the settings tab under the 'Active' column, check mark 'Additional Plugins Updates'.
- Then to the left, in the 'Available Plugins' tab, click on 'Check for Newest' button. This will update the plugins.
- Look for the 'Automation' plugin and check mark it, then click the 'Install' button at the bottom(may need to restart EL after).

4. Under the 'Basic' category in the filter list, there will be a new filter called 'Ticket Index & Increments From File'. Select it and setup as follows;

Ticket Index & Increments From File
- Matching Tickets: Accept
- Indexes: C:\Indexes(the file name saved from step 1.).
- Increments: C:\Increments(the file name saved from step 2.).
- Increment adjustment min:[0] max:[0](<- this is 0 because we want to exactly match the index numbers, not increase/decrease them)
- Match count to pass: min [1] max: [1]

When the above filter setup is 'Run' it will accept any package tickets that match the indexes found in the "Indexes" text file. So in a filtering context, it converts the index numbers back to tickets. I did not describe all the plugin filter options, and I'll be writing a separate guide for that soon. Let me know if there are any questions.

Note: depending on the package size and some features/files(?), the Run function can get stuck and needs to be reset. To reset, stop the current run, and then click on Run again.
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