Segmentation table error?

Segmentation table error?

Postby shuelala » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:34 am

Hi stan,

Can you explain how the segmentation table works, because I just found out error, maybe not...but its looks to me is new draw number jumping around. here attached is Canada 649 lastest draw for March 26,2011 is 4,6,21,22,42,43, on level 1 after updated, 4 replace 6, and 6 go up one level, 21 go to top level, 22 from 5 difference drop to 12 difference besides 25, 42 jump up from 13 difference to 7 difference beside 35, then last one 43 jump to top level.

so I do not really know how segmentation table in each level 1 and do they works, in level 0 I do not see problem, all new draw numbers will bring to top. the rest of numbers will shift down one level according to difference location.

so can you explain this is error or I do not know how segmentation table works in level 1 and up?
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Re: Segmentation table error?

Postby stan » Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:04 pm

i don't think there's any error in the segmentation tables. the numbers 'jump' in levels 1+ because their historry diffs change after each draw. the history difference of a pool number that hasn't been draw just increments by one, history difference of a drawn number in level N is the previous history difference in level N-1 incremented by one.
you can see these changes in 'number history' table when 'what if' numbers are turned on.
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