Predictions - Same number twice

Predictions - Same number twice

Postby Andrew Warren » Mon Sep 26, 2022 9:28 am

How should EL interpret the same number being shown in winning numbers prediction. From the screen shot attached The number 1 is predicted to be drawn in both first and forth position.

Is EL suggesting a high probability number 1 will be drawn as selected two times
In position 4 the chances are the next number drawn will be lower then 33 and could be as low as 1 (unsure as to what this next drawn number will be)

Any advise please.
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Andrew Warren
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Re: Predictions - Same number twice

Postby tdnl46w » Tue Sep 27, 2022 7:53 am

When using the prediction differences option,...if a ticket number following a best pattern has a negative difference greater then the latest draws ticket number(e.g. -10 difference + ticket number 2 would = -8 ), then it will default to ticket number 1. At least this is what I found when testing/reading the application log after running a prediction.
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