Sniper Lotto Software

Sniper Lotto Software

Postby winsumloosesum » Sun Jul 18, 2021 12:18 am

I would like to ask if anyone here has heard of or purchased and has a registered version of Sniper Lotto 2010 - 2013. ... 38924.html

The link above is for the demo version and some of the functions can only work with the purchased/registered verion.

The program only uses 50 drawings and I figured out how to create the databases for the 5/xx and 6/xx games.
The 5/xx games are limited to: 5/28, 5/30, 5/31, 5/32, 5/34, 5/35, 5/36, 5/37, 5/38, 5/39, 5/40, 5/44, 5/45, 5/47

The 6/xx games are limited to: 6/40, 6/42, 6/45. 6/49

The program developer email gets kicked back with a non working email and the website is no longer working.

Program has over 200 filters which are very interesting and thought some of these filters can be incoroporated into Expert Lotto 5.
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Re: Sniper Lotto Software

Postby tdnl46w » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:56 am

Hi winsumloosesum.

I have not heard of that software, and it seems to be discontinued. From the software screenshot, it appears most of its features are already covered in EL, just in a different way. Also, some of the filters seem to be partial or slight variations on some existing EL filters. So if you, or anyone that still has that software, wants to see if any of its filters can be converted/translated over to EL, maybe write a quick description on the forum so it can be tested.
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Re: Sniper Lotto Software

Postby winsumloosesum » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:19 am

Yes you are correct that the program has been discontinued.
The demo version will work with most of the filters.
I'm working on the filters to see how they are calculated using the draws and dates.
Out of 200 or so filters I have about 20 or so figured out.
I did figure out how to create the game data bases which only used 50 total draws.
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Re: Sniper Lotto Software

Postby winsumloosesum » Tue Jul 20, 2021 12:06 am

I created a number of Excel files for creating the database files for Sniper Lotto 5/xx & 6/xx games. There are limited games that can be used in Sniper Lotto and also since only a demo version can be used there are restrictions on what calculations can be processed unless you are a registered user. Unfortunately the website is no longer active and neither is the email contact to try and purchase this program.

The following links contain Excel files:

Ohio 5/39 ... sRphGOSdok

Ohio 6/49 ... SQozVGMDeX

Texas 5/35 ... gsf8prnsUy

Pennsylvania 5/43 ... q78FQCgSOX

Pennsylvania 5/30 ... sJq507r7O7

Pennsylvania 6/49 & Texas 6/49 ... lFbH02mOak

The following link is a video on how to copy and paste the 50 drawings from Excel to the Sniper Lotto subfolder for that particular type games matrix (example, 5/xx, 6/xx)
Video 293MB size ... 7kHHxaWRyX

These are the 2 Help file pdfs (English Version) for Sniper Lotto ... cmVLbe0fOy ... ShLjGUhMiV

As I mentioned in the opening post that this is a Demo version only and has limitations. I'm not sure if there is a date limitation that is how many days until the program will stop working.
I found some of the filters to be very unique and thought some could be incorporated into Expert Lotto if possible.

The Excel file for the PA530 Treasure Hunt game (link above) I was working on trying to figure out each of the filters and how they are calculated using the date and draw numbers. Some are easy to figure out and some taketrial and error. The pdf does contain some tips on how the filters are calculated. In total I have a few of the tabs located in the program figured out.

I would like to see if other members here would try and figure out the unsolved filters.

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