Hi, and a play query.

Hi, and a play query.

Postby Thebiguglyone » Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:49 pm

Hi all, and thanks for letting me join Stan, love the look of your program, I will play around with it more when time allows but I have a very busy work/carer lifestyle so don't get as much time as I'd like to myself.

I run a syndicate at work on the UK lottery but have lost interest in playing the 10 weekly lines that they begrudge paying for so want to change our methods.

I've decided to switch to only playing the must-be-won draws which will get us a better return on any wins provided the jackpot isn't won.

I want to play around 50 lines, play each number 5 times each but also utilise playing a positional range.

Is this something I could do within the software?

I figure playing as many unique 3's as I can with the fifty lines will give us the best chance of a 3 ball win (average 50% of the time)

I know this still won't return profit but getting some >100 wins will boost morale and at least give us a feeling we are getting nearer.

I want to get these lines in play whilst I get my head around your software and develop myself my own little system.

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