Level Filtering

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Level Filtering

Postby winsumloosesum » Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:21 pm

Hi everyone,

I have an idea for Pick 3 and Pick 4 players.

EL5 will allow you to add additional Levels. I was not aware of this until today. Thank you very much Stan.
If you click (Main Menu at the very top) Tools > Options > History then click the Levels & Segments Tab > adjust the Levels.

I set my Levels to 101 (Levels 0 through 100)

Create a new package for 1000 sets 000 through 999

Create your Pick 3 game and import your draw history.

Click History (Main Menu at the very top) > Summary

Select All Draws

Click the Sums button

Make sure the most recent drawing is at the very top. Click the "Date" header to toggle back and forth until you see the most recent drawing at the top

In the Summary History where you see "Show as", click the drop-down arrow and select "Differences Only"

To the immediate right of the drop-down arrow you should see a small icon with a "+/-". Click this icon and it will highlight all the positive values, negative values, and leave any 0 values with not color.

As I mentioned above I have 101 Levels (0 through 100)

My goal is to find only 5 Levels. I scan the each of the Levels and find the level that has a value of -10/+10 in the last "x" number of consecutive draws. This might be 6, 5, 4

Once I have my 5 Levels I use the "Sums History" filter located under the category "Winning Numbers History"

I then enter my values into the Levels I want to play.

Download Link to Pennsylvania Pick 3 Evening Draws Excel file: (Note: Draws updated through Monday Sept. 15 2014)
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