Feature Request - Automated Filter Optimization

Feature Request - Automated Filter Optimization

Postby LottoNoob1234 » Tue Dec 24, 2019 1:07 am

Hii Stan

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this

Expert Lotto is the best lottery software I have ever used, nothing really comes close, but there is one feature that I think its missing (or maybe its already in there in some way and I'm ignorant about it, if so please inform me)

There's this lottery software called WinHunter that I used to use

Its a pretty good one for an oldy, the problem with it though is that the way that it applied filters and how a user could tune a filter was very complicated, I could never grasp how to use it, yet I can easily grasp how the filters work in Expert Lotto and how to use and manipulate them

One thing WinHunter has though that I don't think Expert Lotto has (and it would make the software even more powerful and user friendly) is the ability to automatically optimize filters

Basically you'd right click on a filter and click "Win Hunter" and a menu would pop up showing all the variables on a selected filter and their ranges, you'd select the variables you want to be tested and click a button to start, and the program would run through every iteration of the variable value combinations, back testing each iteration against a selected range of winning numbers, and when its finished it would report only the combinations that performed the best under each prize category (1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, Jackpot, etc) and how each of those that passed performed in the other categories (e.g. show how the one with the highest jackpots performed in 1/5 to 4/5 prize categories, because if it had the most jackpots but only got like one 4/5 prize among 100 drawings, then it was likely just a fluke and not a good filter)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/G7WdqIxBU ... 55&end=335

For example lets say I'm creating a complex filter, I add a statistical filter and set it to "Ticket Numbers"
The variables set on my filter are:
"Winning Numbers" (as in the draws used)
"Occurrence >=" (the range of occurrences I'm filtering by)
"Applies to [X] to [X] in each ticket" (two number variables for the range of tickets the filter is applied to)

If there was an automatic filter optimization feature that integrated with the back testing section, I could click one button, set the ranges I wanted it to test:
Winning Numbers = 20 to 40
Occurrence >= 2 to 4
Applies to [0 to 5] to [0 to 5] in each ticket

Then click to start the processing, and the software will go

Winning Numbers = 20
Occurrence >= 2
Applies to [0] to [0] in each ticket

Winning Numbers = 20
Occurrence >= 2
Applies to [0] to [1] in each ticket

AT SOME POINT IT REACHES (etc, etc, etc):
Winning Numbers = 25
Occurrence >= 3
Applies to [1] to [4] in each ticket

Winning Numbers = 40
Occurrence >= 4
Applies to [5] to [5] in each ticket

Running through all of the possible variable combinations for that specific filter setup and back testing them, allowing a user to basically craft peak performance filters

After that's done, we can add another filter and optimize that filter to work with the already existing optimized filter, that way we are always getting the best of the combined filters

As of right now I basically have to manually adjust filters based on intuition and observation, but I could be missing something, not everyone is so lucky to catch all observations and pick up on the right patterns, and the entire point of software like this is to take luck out of the picture as much as possible, some people are going to win the lottery by pulling numbers out of their head randomly, I'm not what I would consider a lucky person at all, I need to remove luck from the problem as much as possible and find patterns

The feature I'm requesting would allow even a mundane user to create almost perfect filters tailored to their specific lottery and the ranges they want to back test on. You could just leave the software running over night and wake up to a perfectly optimized filter

Thank you again, and I hope I didn't waste your time and you will consider whether the feature is possible and worth looking into implementing

As a just incase here is the source code for WinHunter, it may or may not be of some help to you should you pursue this:
https://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/s ... 8&lngWId=1
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Re: Feature Request - Automated Filter Optimization

Postby tdnl46w » Wed Jan 01, 2020 1:36 am

Expert Lotto doesn't have any features to automatically optimize a filters settings at the moment. The closest features in EL to help optimize filters might be, the complex filter 'Performance' feature and the plug-in 'Automation'.

- The Performance feature runs a complex filter automatically on each winning draw from the winning draws and package tickets you select. It then displays how each winning draw performed. The performance includes prize tiers, profits and number occurrences(ranking) from the package.

- The Automation->Build Filters->Occurrence plug-in, allows you to choose the highest/lowest/percentage filter occurrences for the listed filters. It then creates a new complex filter automatically from the settings. For instance. If you want the best or top 5% of any filter, you enter the percentages and it will create the complex filter(s) for that.

I watched the videos and understand some of what WinHunter(WH) does. I agree that type of automation would be great. It seems that WH is using some math formula's or special preset filters(i.e. Scoring Method->Compound? etc.). EL would need to have these formulas/presets as well, otherwise the results might show the same statistics as the ticket analyzer tables.

Adding to the feature request. I think the best area to implement some kind of filter optimization would be to add it to EL's 'Predictions...' feature. This feature searches for patterns in winning tickets based on the user's settings and displays the best results/trends. It also has some similar functions and GUI setup to WH. So in the EL predictions feature, there could be a new category in Step 2.,->Prediction type:"Optimize Filters" added to the drop down menu. Then in the options window, add settings similar to the Automation plug-in. But instead of creating a complex filter, it would back-test and display the best ticket results or common ticket numbers from the settings/percentages you choose(?).
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Re: Feature Request - Automated Filter Optimization

Postby D1Magnet » Mon Apr 06, 2020 6:03 pm

I also think it would be great if Expert Lotto could automatically optimize the filter parameters that a user initially sets and/or the ability to optimize the prediction settings (again initially set by the user) to find the most successful ticket matches in predictions.

Halfway down the bottom of this thread from 2013 https://expertlotto.com/en/forum/viewto ... ize#p18978 there is some discussion about optimizing the filters.

And thanks to LottoNoob1234 for posting the information on Win Hunter. I found I had to install Visual Basic 6 first & then the VB6 updates, service packs & runtimes, then install Win Hunter as administrator (by dragging the Win Hunter msi onto a bat file set to run as admin) & then run Win Hunter as administrator every time so it would save the stack files it creates.
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