Number Movement Statistics Request

Number Movement Statistics Request

Postby D1Magnet » Sun Jun 07, 2020 2:31 am

Hi I was wondering if there was a way in EL to calculate & highlight the next drawn number (via numbers after cut off highlight) within the Number Movement statistics, or otherwise put in a new request for this part of the program.

For example, if there was an extra column on the left hand side that calculated the current week’s position number eg if position 1 was currently 9 and the number movement statistic was -2, it would have 7 in the left hand side column, if the statistic was +2, it would show 11 in the left hand side column.

Then if you use numbers after cut off highlight for the position number, if in the next draw position 1 was 2, -7 would highlight in yellow (or simply the number 2 if there was a left hand side column)

Naturally this would apply over all the position statistics.

Basically, it would make a visual back testing analysis, much quicker & easier to see the yellow (numbers after cut off) highlights, and also would make the mental calculation much quicker for the current draw, than having to eg, subtract -2 from current position 1 = 9, or add +2 to current position 1 = 9 (for example) It could also be exported to Excel for all the positions in the lottery.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what an extra column would look like, and if the calculated number was less than 0 have it not display at all (as well as not display the number if it goes over the limits of the lottery, 49 in this example so not display numbers 50 and above). This was done on Demo Lotto 6/49 all 961 draws analysed & toggled back 2010/29 wed 1st where position 1=9

On the next draw, 2 was the number in position 1

Also, could the bonus number be added to the Number Movement statistics (if applicable to the lottery) and have this left hand side calculation column also?

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